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Shipping information

Where do you ship?

We ship in Europe, UK and USA and Canada. For other countries please contact us using this form.

What are the costs and shipping times?

Austria1 day6,30€
Belgium3 days6,90€
Bolgaria3 days16,90€
Czechia2 days9,0€
Croatia1 day5,10€1,10€
Denmark3 days9,80€
Estonia4 days12,0€
Finland5 days16,90€
France3 days8,90€
Greece3 days17,90€
Ireland4 days8,50€
Italy1 day5,50€2,00€
Latvia4 days12,80€
Lithuania4 days12,80€
Luxembourg2 days9,30€
Hungary2 days6,70€1,10€
Germany2 days5,60€
Netherlands3 days6,50€
Poland3 days10,30€
Portugal4 days12,90€
Romania3 days16,20€
Slovakia2 days9,80€
Slovenia1 day2,39€0,65€
Spain4 days11,00€
Sweden4 days11,80€
UK3 days8,70€

What happens after I place an order?

After we successfully receive your funds, your order gets picked by one of our shipping partners. Orders placed before 11AM are going to get shipped the same day.

After the shipping company (there are different shipping companies for different world regions), picks and scans your package, you will immediately receive a tracking number on the email used on the checkout.

Can I use a different shipping address?

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What if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

Before delivering the goods, the delivery company will send you an sms with the details of dispachment. If you won't be at home at the time of delivery, a second delivery attempt will take place. After that the package will await you in the shipping company for the next 14 days before returning back to our warehouse.

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