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"Must Have Product For Every Athlete!"
“If you train Muay Thai, kickboxing or any other combat sport and you don’t know Namman Muay and it’s benefits, you are probably not from this planet. You never know what can happen during training sessions that’s way I always carry a Namman Muay cream or liniment in my sports bag.”
Artem Levin
Multiple Kickboxing & Muay Thai world champion
Artem levin with 120ml liniment
"The Only Heating Rub That You'll Ever Need"
This is the only muscle rub in history that proved it's effectivness over a time span of 80 years by guys who clash shins for a living. I think you got the message. Look no further because there isn't similiar a better product on the market.
Ondrej Hutnik
Multiple Kickboxing & Muay Thai world champion
"A Lifelong Tradition In My Gym"
“In 30 years of working as a professional kickboxing coach, I have never seen or used a more effective product than Namman Muay. Massaging my athletes with Namman Muay products before they enter the ring has almost become a ritual. Too bad that until recently this product was known only to a few people in the martial arts circle."
Alfio Romanut
Kickboxing trainer legend
"Namman Muay Is The Scent Of Battle"
“Nothing beats this thick yellow liquid when it comes to heating your muscles before training. Funny though, when you use it for so long as I did, everytime you smell the scent of the Thai liniment your body knows that a hard training and perhaps a few hard round of sparring are next."
Valentino Domenico
Olympic gold medalist

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