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For over 85 years one of Thailand's best kept secrets

A Family Owned Business Since 1937

Thai pharmaceutical company Devakam Apothecary Hall with their Namman Muay product line focuses on developing and commercializing life-changing products for professional, amateur athletes and the physically active population for over 85 years.
Namman Muay ulje iz 1937 godine

Once Upon a time in Thailand

Devakam Apothecary Hall, the manufacturer of Namman Muay was founded back in 1930 in Bangkok, Thailand. At that time the founder of the company pharmacist Thongtos Intratat, a boxing enthusiast and gym owner, formulated the original composition of the Namman Muay liniment, so he could help his boxers to warm up faster before boxing matches. The exact recipe of the liniment made of essential oils from local herbs, was known only to the Thongtos’s family and the recipe was transmitted from generation to genertion esclusively by the word of mouth. Only in 1960 the first products were finally ready for commercial use and Namman Muay officially become the world’s first boxing liniment was born.

The rise of boxing champion Pone King Petch

Many believe that Namman Muay originate from Thai boxing, otherwise known as Muay Thai, but the truth is it actually came from Thongtos passion for western boxing. His prized fighter Pone Kingpetch was the first boxer to make Namman Muay popular amongst fighters and boxing fans. In April 16 1960 he became the first boxer from Thailand to become the professional world boxing champion under WBC rules by defeating Pascual Pérez of Argentina at Lumphini Boxing Stadium in Bangkok.

Following his immense achievments in sport, a statue was raised in his honor in Hua Hin, Thailand. Pone Kingpetch’s offical fight record is 3-28-7 (F-W-L).
Pone Kingpetch
Namman Muay Logo na Muay Thai gačicama

Namman Muay goes international

After the success in the boxing world, Thongtos decided to take Namman Muay to other athletes who needed rapid muscle activation. Needles to say, Namman Muay was received with great enthusiasm. After the product became commerically viable in 1960, a great story of collaboration started with the sport of Muay Thai as well. Since then year by year the formulation of the liniment had been improved to maximize the effectivnes of it’s ingredients. Today it’s impossible to find a Muay Thai gym, boxing event or martial arts fan that doesn’t know the many benefits of the already legendary Namman Muay products. Although the product is now sold all over the world, Namman Muay is still made exclusively in Thailand with carefully selected local ingredients.

Namman Muay becomes available in European pharmacies

Today Namman Muay is not used only by professional fighters. Cyclists, runners and other athletes discovered the many benefits of the products that are helping them with their daily trainings and competitions. Namman Muay was also enthusiastically received by the elder population everywhere since it provides relief even under the most extreme circumstances. These qualities made Namman Muay available in pharmacies across Asia, Europe, USA and Australia.

Ask your pharmacist for the original Namman Muay products from Devakam Apothecary Hall.
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