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Cookie Policy

Advantages of cookies

Cookies are used on this website, as is the case on most other websites. We use cookies to give you a good user experience. A cookie is a small file that typically contains a sequence of letters and numbers that are loaded on a user’s computer or mobile phone when you visit a Web site.

Cookies help us:

  • That the site works as expected
  • Save login data every time you visit the website
  • Save the settings during registration and website search
  • Improve website speed / security
  • When connecting the website to social networks like Facebook
  • In the personalization of the website (becomes user-friendly)
  • Continuous improvement of the site
  • Marketing content (we can offer you thousands of things you want)

We do not use cookies for:

  • The storage of personal data (without your consent)
  • Recording of sensitive data (without your consent)
  • The transfer of data to third parties

Learn more about the cookies that are active on this site.

Permission to use cookies

By accessing this website with your browser, this means that you accept cookies and that you agree to their use. If you do not use the cookies on this website, please continue reading. However, blocking the cookies may cause the site to function only sub-optimal.

More about cookies

First-party cookies

We use cookies to optimize the performance of websites that include the following:

  • The operation of the shopping cart
  • Determine whether you are logged in or not
  • Remembers the browser history
  • Consent to our terms and conditions
  • To display content that you were interested in recently
  • Adapt the operating side to your needs
  • Reminder of already answered questions (for example, you have refused to make our test of the acidification of the liver)

These cookies will not function other than by visiting this website.

Other Cookies

Other cookies come from other partners. An example for other cookies would be the integration of Youtube video on our website. Our website contains the following places of origin of the so-called other cookies:

Blocking or removing these cookies can very likely lead to blocking or non-viewing the content of this site.

LiveagentLaSIDSessionsvisitor session identifierLiveagentLaSIDSessionsvisitor session identifierLiveagentLaSIDSessionsvisitor session identifierLiveagentLaSIDSessionsvisitor session identifier

Submitted byNameRestrictionDescription
Woocommercewoocommerce_cart_hashSessionsHelps WooCommerce determine when cart contents/data changes.
Woocommercewoocommerce_items_in_cartSessionsHelps WooCommerce determine when cart contents/data changes.
Woocommercewp_woocommerce_session_2 daysContains a unique code for each customer so that it knows where to find the cart data in the database for each customer.
Woocommercewoocommerce_recently_viewedSessionsPowers the Recent Viewed Products widget.
Woocommercestore_notice[notice id]SessionsAllows customers to dismiss the Store Notice.
LiveagentLaSIDSessionsvisitor session identifier
LiveagentclosedInvitationsSessionslist of invitations that the visitor dismissed, the invitations will not be displayed while the cookie is
LiveagentLaUserDetailsSessionsstores user details information defined by the administrator in integration code
LiveagentLaRunningChat_*Sessionsarameters to reload the chat window if the page is refreshed or visitor navigates their browser to another page
LiveagentLaResetSessionsif setting Remember visitor in Configuration->Protection->Settings was used and the visitor wants to be forgotten after the form has been sent
LiveagentLaVisitorNew1 dayMeans that users agree to the transfer of cookies to the site
LiveagentLaVisitorId_*SessionsCookie allows chat
Klaviyo__kla_id2 yearsKlaviyo Email automation
CloudFlare__cfduid1 yearFor a faster location and transfer of image material on the page. After CloudFlare disable the operation cookies block access via IP. Does not use / has no personal data of the user.
New Relic provides a platform to control the operation of the website on mobile applications.
PayPal[various]SessionsThis cookie allows a unique ID between payment with PayPal and our shopping cart.

Cookies to improve the page

On this page we regularly test new motifs. We do this to show different motifs for different user groups. In this way, we test the responsiveness of users in a variety of creativity and content. Only then can we land with the best.


Google Optimize_gaexp90 days
Google Optimize_hjid1 day
Google Optimize_hjFirstSeen1 day
Google Optimize_hjUserAttributesHash1 day
Google Optimize_opt_awkid1 day
Google Optimize_opt_expid1 year
Hotjar_hjSessionUser_{site_id}1 year
Hotjar_hjIncludedInPageviewSampleUnder 0,1sec

Storing anonymous users’ cookies

We use cookie statistics on this page to determine how many users have visited us, what kind of tools they have used (Mac and Windows – with this we can see where our site does not work as it does in a variety of environments), the pages you see, and the like. With these programs, we can still improve your user experience. Such an analysis also provides a better insight into how users come to our side and whether they are coming back. On this basis, we can invest in the improvement and development of the user experience for you rather than in marketing activities.


Google_ga2 years
Google__utma2 years
Google__utmz6 Months
Google__utmv2 years

We also use technology that allows us to determine the users who called us (e.g., a browser or ad with the phone number you clicked). In this way, we can get information about how people come to us. Please note that if you call us at the telephone number displayed on our website, we will only know to a certain extent how you found us. All of this will allow us to reduce the costs for you.

Cookies for marketing activities. Cookies are widely used in digital marketing. Through it, neither we nor our external partners can receive personal information from you.

We do not recommend blocking the vast majority of cookies as ads provide free use of the sites. If you block cookies, it means not only that you will not see any ads, but also that the site can no longer be optimized for your wishes and interests, which reduces usability. Cookies have a technology that allows us to accurately and with your help the so-called “remarketing cookies” & rdquo; when you visit certain websites. These ads are designed so that you can buy a product at a reduced price. And do not worry, the process is void anonymous. You may block cookies at any time, as described below.

We use:

List of promotional cookies set on our pages:

BingMR6 MonthsTargeting/Advertising
BingMUID2 yearsTargeting/Advertising
Googleid2 yearsTargeting/Advertising
Tik Tok 13 monthsTargeting/Advertising
Tik Tok_tt_enable_cookie13 monthsTargeting/Advertising
Tik Tok_tt_sessionId13 monthsTargeting/Advertising
YahooB2 yearsTargeting/Advertising
Facebookdatr2 yearsTargeting/Advertising

Turning off cookies

Cookies can be turned off manually (here). In this way, you will restrict the functionality of not only this website, but probably most sites.

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