Works for me!

This was the first time I tried this I must say they have went above and beyond my expectations with this product....Namman Muay has been around for a very long time!

This stuff is amazing!

This product is highly effective and easy to apply. Best sports cream I have ever used in my 66 years, including decades as a distance runner and active athlete.

Awesome stuff! Fast & very effective!

I use it after basketball trainings on my knees and ankles and it relieves the discomfort to a point where I can train without struggle. First it was just me, now the whole team uses it!

Helps with recovery like no other product can do

Namman Muay cream helped me kick my self back onto my feet. I use it for shin splints which I encounter when I increase my mileage in running. In conclusion, this is my go-to cream for any kind of discomfort.

Superb product, fast shipping!

Stuff is amazing. Helped my sore muscles after a long hike. Every night would put it on, and in the morning I was good to go. Has a very strong smell but hey, when your camping anything menthol smells exponentially better than yourself after hiking all day.

You must give it a try!

After trying so many useless ointments I almost gave up. Namman Muay was one of those purchases that you will never regret, because this product WORKS!