There is no Muay Thai without Namman Muay

“It's part of Muay Thai tradition to get massaged with Namman Muay before training or fighting. I've been using since I was boxing as a teenager and today everyone at my gym still uses it.”

What a discovery!

Being a professional skier leaves a heavy toll on your joints. I use Namman Muay daily when I am competing. I always buy the 3+1 offers since I can't imagine being without the creams!

It helped me get through the Berlin marathon!

I first tried Namman Muay at the Berlin marathon, which was one of the most exhausting marathons I've ever did in my life. If it wasn't for this cream I probably wouldn't be able to get out of bed the next day and make it to the airport! I turned me into a believer!

The scent of battle!

Namman Muay is one of the reasons I've become fighter that I am today. Everybody in Thailand knows the benefits of Namman Muay and you should try it too!

Relaxes stiff muscles after trainings!

No other product relaxes your joint and muscles after training like Namman Muay does. I use the oil before training and the cream afterwards.

You could almost skip warm-ups now!

The Thai liniment should be an essential part of a equipment of any serious athlete, especially if you are into extreme sports like boxing! In our gym we are joking that with Namman Muay you can easily skip the warm-up routine since it heats you body so quickly.

I never share product reviews online, but...

I never share product reviews online, but Namman Muay really deserves it. This cream literarly helped me to get back on the basketball courts after some serious discomfor in my knees. This is one of those products you keep recommending to your friends since you know they will absolutely love it!

Me and my team love it!

This cream was recommended to me by our team's physiotherapist. Now after a few months we all carry our own cream in the sports bag.

I'm a believer now! Amazing product!

I started using this on my lower back and hips and it’s amazing. Lasts for several hours too. I ordered the larger bottle, since I'm working out on my bycicle almost everday. Shipping was very fast too!